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Developer: Filter Forge
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7, Pentium III 733, 128 MB RAM
Limitation: 30-day trial
Operation system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Price: $299
License: Free to try
Version: v1
Downloads: 9081
Rating: 4.9 / Views: 2131

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However, there are 3 things that make Filter Forge unique: 1. You may change your cookie preferences and obtain more information . Cons : None Enter your WordPress.Com blog URL http://.Wordpress.Com Privacy, No Spam However, the good thing here is that you can just play around until you get the look you want.

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Accurate RGB outputs of any map component, full-blown HDR support, area lighting and ambient occlusion, edge detection and Bezier curves, intuitive UI with resizable panels, and a wonderful Before/After view – all these user experience and core capabilities features make Filter Forge the best plugin in the business. Neil BennettDigital Arts Get a personal discount on Filter Forge – 75% off! €œFilter Forge is an incredibly powerful new Photoshop Plugin. The biggest one we tried was 65536×65536 pixels – and it worked!


Although it is quite straightforward with an excellent user guide, Filter Forge still requires some knowledge of creating filters to be used effectively. However, at the end of the process, you click rather than “Save As”, and you’ll be taken back to the Photoshop window. Choose your design, then pick colors and fonts to make your website unique. It’s mathematically accurate, it’s seamless, and it dramatically enhances the level of realism. You can also access thousands of user-created filters.

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The right-click menu of most components now offers commands to save default values for a particular component, and reset them back to factory settings. Filter Forge is an excellent filter creation tool with a strong community spirit that will enhance your Photoshop creations. By mootrix Pros Simple to useUsing the NEXT VARIANT you can create almost infinite variations with the images created. Each of these images comes with an alpha channel allowing you to preview your filters on images with transparent areas. You’ll also find that there’s a settings tab, which gives you the option to tweak the filter – again what’s here will depend on the individual filter.

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Owners of widescreen monitors will benefit from this most. The filter manager also features new filter history and a re hauled filter search list. Get a personal discount on Filter Forge – 75% off! €œI really like Filter Forge, I seem to find new uses for it constantly. CorelDRAW X7 is a great software that … Your email address will not be published. You are allowed to use this product only within the laws of your country/region.

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It fully supports unlimited HDR colors and can show any value – huge or small, positive or negative. It also introduces the ability to rearrange filter presets on the Presets tab and updates over 30 components, so it is more stable and faster than ever. 13,470 Topics +13 new in 7 days! , 8 unregistered users. Users can take instant advantage of over 10,000 ready-to-use effect and texture filters in the free online filter library, or create their own filters in the visual node-based editor by assembling them from components such as blurs, gradients, color adjustments, noises, distortions, or blends – without writing a single line of code. It also includes support for the latest host applications and OS versions.

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Whenever you select a filter, you’ll see in the box in the bottom left hand corner there are different factory ‘presets’ for how that filter looks. For more information, visit the Filter Forge website at Filter Forge is a powerful Photoshop plugin and a stand-alone desktop application for Windows and macOS that allows photographers, web designers, 3D modelers and other computer artists to apply over 5800 ready-to-use visual effects to their images, generate over 6000 of unique procedural textures, and create their own filters. The listed price is for the Basic version of Filter Forge. A new Modulo component calculates the channelwise remainder after channelwise division of source RGB values by another set of RGB values.

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13,470 Topics +13 new in 7 days! , 9 unregistered users. Again, you can search by keyword, so if you’re looking for something specific, chances are that it may already be here. Customer Support – If you have any questions, you can anytime.