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Pour a bit into your palms then run hands over dry hair. And finally, be careful not to get the mixture in your eyes — it will burn like crazy. Wow a lot of information somethings I knew and some I did not; Braids for Kids Nice Hairstyles Pictures Going Natural-Just breathe the big chop is the first step.

Methods We Tried and Worked

Ingredients: 1/2 cup plain yogurt 1/2 cup mayonnaise egg whites from 1 egg Seriously, that’s it! Wet hair after you have shampooed and washed your hair. Vitamin E and fats in coconut milk moisturize and nourish hair. I don’t even feel I’ve found the right products. # Frustrated bt not giving up.

Homemade Deep Conditioner for Damaged Hair

A complete damage reconstructor leaving each hair strand nourished, healthy and strong that are less prone to fall and break. I use it to replace eggs and never get it to gel that well!

3. Do-It-Yourself Hot Oil Treatment

Rosemary and Peppermint in particular can help with an oily scalp and they also improve mental clarity and boost alertness. 4 years ago I’m dying my hair and bleaching it tomorrow. Try yoga to beat stress and grow hair, Apply a mixture of coconut oil, mustard oil, and sesame oil. Wear a shower cap and secure it with a towel as things can go messy. Brenda says It’s just three months since my last perm and I don’t know what to do with my hair.

Homemade Deep Conditioner Recipe For Damaged Hair

I hate to say this but i wish my curl type was different cause I would chop it off. Haha 🙂 Melanie Gordji 5 years ago I have been using Mayonaise on my hair for the last year, it is much more effective than expensive shop bought products. Supplies Method Combine the ingredients in a 16 oz glass jar and shake well to combine. This simple home treatment has been used by South Asian women for centuries and keeps the hair soft and beautiful.

3. Banana Hair Mask

I converted it to teaspoons not sure if that’s where I messed up. Mix all the ingredients well until a smooth paste forms and apply on your hair with a brush. Heat a cup of water in a pan and add the tea leaves to it, Boil for 5 to 6 minutes or till you get a strong liquor.

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There is something is this conditioner that makes my hair soft like butter ! That said, I’m not sure how even that works as they both seem to be very pH dependant. When you consider that the main ingredient of probably every conditioner is water, you begin to realize that you can save yourself a lot of money by making your own hair conditioner at home, even (especially) when you are using high quality ingredients.

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Creating your own natural hair conditioner is a great way to provide your locks with much needed nutrients. All winter long my skin never gets that dry and scaly feel and appearance that it used to with commercial lotions, which I blame on the drying alcohol they almost all contain.

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From by Brigette Mars Cost: Around $10 for two to three treatments. You can also try increasing the panthenol in the recipe.

Easy DIY Hair Conditioner for Natural Hair

But did you know, that if you condition your hair long enough or deep enough, your hair becomes so much softer, silkier and less likely to tangle? Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it attracts and keeps moisture inside your hair, which will make it look shinier, healthier and smoother. DIY Oil leave in spray conditioner – Dry Damaged hair Caring For Low Porosity Hair Read the article here… DIY Leave In Conditioner ~ DIY All-In-One Styler! My hair has been a lot curlier with better defined curls since I’ve started using this and stopped shampooing my hair. I am living proof that you don’t have to cut all your hair off if you want to go natural.

Watch me make this easy, DIY hair conditioner:

And the next one is what should i do to make my hair grow denser?? I must admit I used a little more than 5gr by accident but it made the lotion silky!