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Audacity makes it it easy to repeat passages you didn’t understand or even slowing down the pace (just use the function “Change Tempo”). Thanks again for the thoughtful comment : ) Mandarin lessons says Learn to recognize the different parts of each character, which stand for abstract concepts or tangible objects.

How to Learn to Write Chinese: Key Concepts

The original reason was 功夫. П™‚ And I actually started out with Cantonese. Download ALL of Happy Chinese family video from CNTV (115 episodes, each is 15 minutes of family skits extremely well done, with grammar points included). He started to learn Mandarin when he was 10 years old, and he has keeping learning Mandarin until now.

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The problem – common to almost all directories – is that there is no way to evaluate which is the best resource on a given topic without exploring all of them. Thought the Pinyin Guide () I created might be a great addition to the tools list you provide as it provides a Pinyin pronunciation tool with audio that works excellent on both desktop and mobile. Pinyin is the special system, created for people to learn Mandarin pronunciation.


The resources are arranged by category (vocabulary, grammar, reading, etc), type of resource (textbook, app, etc) and level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). In fact, all Chinese sounds can be summed up in the so-called ““. Then take down the notes of your common mistakes and analyze them one by one.

Emotions in Chinese Learn more fun phrases and cultural tidbits by hosting a…

Is a resource similar to The Chairman’s Bao, in the sense that it also focuses on graduate reading, classifying the difficult of the articles/texts according to the HSK lists. While Hanping works only on Android, Pleco works both on Android devices and iOS. I struggle with grammar so I focus on one grammar aspect to correct at a time. Beside this, you can create an account on the website in order to accede to the live dictionary, your own personalized words library and flashcard system, article keywords, grammar points and idiomatic phrases. Sometimes, the learning content is a little bit tedious, afterwards you can find some Also, learning from movies and TV shows is also a great way to train your sense of the language, and know more about Chinese culture as well.

A set of flash cards featuring the numbers from 0 to 10 in Mandarin with simplified Chinese characters and pronunciations.

Once you’ve read the , it’s time to get on with learning the essential concepts. However, ‘words’ and ‘characters’ are not the same thing in Chinese. It can even translate whole sentences (without pinyin), which is convenient for new grammar structures or when one sentence contains too many unknown words.